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You will learn how to read and understand how a set of blueprint construction drawings are put together. The course materials are from real-world projects.

How To Learn To Read Blueprints Blueprint Reading Learn To Read Blueprints

Learning to read blueprints trainees discover how to comprehend and interpret the different types of standard symbols and abbreviations found on electrical construction drawings schematics and wiring diagrams.

Learn to read blueprints. Each video lesson dives deep into a component of residential blueprints. Many blueprints have very fine lines and are hard to read in low light. Start at the very beginning.

When construction plans are scaled it helps to put the part into a print size drawing that is easily read by the crew. To learn more about blueprints and how to read them check out this course by Construction Experts Inc. Section Views 117 5.

In this mini-series were going to cover Construction Blueprints from start to finish. Alphabet of Lines 53 3. This online blueprint reading course is designed to provide you with that foundation knowledge and enough practice at reading blueprints to get you started.

The most basic concept about reading blueprints and the one to keep in mind no matter how good you get at reading blueprints is Plan Elevation and Section. Whether you are a company owner estimator or are working on project sites as part of a larger team being able to read construction plans is a vital skill. Chings Building Construction Illustrated is a helpful reference.

The knowledge you gain will help you confidently interpret blueprints to ensure the accurate and efficient completion of projects. Features blueprint drawings of a compound rest and a clutch-brake control. For example someone installing pre-fabricated equipment like a filing cabinet or desk may look at blueprints to make sure they arent obstructing a light switch or raised flooring system.

Threads and Fasteners 131 6. Make note of the tolerance allowed for the blueprint. Mastery of blueprint reading will come with practice and with using blueprints on the job on a regular basis.

For example 18 1 one eighth inch equals one foot. Blueprint Reading for Residential Construction. Multiview Drawings 89 4.

Keep a pen and paper close by in case you want to make notes. Construction plans blueprints are scaled down representations of the final project at a ratio of the actual size. First learn how you need to read the lines because it is with various types of lines that a blueprint or a set of plans represents a structures component parts.

We believe informed educated clients can best communicate their needs desires and dreams. The Blueprint Reading Courses Include Closed Captioning. Identify the height width and length dimensions of a drawing.

Define different types of scales used on drawings. With all those lines symbols and abbreviations blueprints can boggle even the most intuitive among us. Learn from a licensed architect about drawing types scale and about the relationships between drawings.

How to Read Blueprints Construction Plans and Specifications provides a firm foundation of skills for those who are required to be able to read construction prints and specifications. Although you wont receive any formal certification all the resources you need to learn complex blueprint reading is available online. Blueprints and shed plans may look confusing at first glance but if you know the basics of how to read them they eventually will become clear to you.

Lessons average about 15 minutes each with a total course time of 2 hours 15 minutes. Your first thought when looking a drawing should be Is this a Plan an Elevation or a Section First some quick definitions. For many trying to read blueprints can feel like learning a new language.

Lay the manufacturing blueprint on a flat surface under a reading light. Construction Drawings for the Building Trades also covers the topic and Francis DK. The Reading Blueprints training course covers all types of blueprints used in industrial plants.

Our online instructor-led Blueprint Reading classes are taught by a licensed architect who creates construction documents for commercial government and residential projects — and has received project documentation awards from the American Institute of Architects. Learn to read blueprints online. Blueprint Reading Fundamentals Blueprint Reading Fundamentals Course Outline Topic Page 1.

In our Blueprint Reading course you will learn about tolerances dimensions basic design concepts and key terminology relevant to interpreting blueprints. The book Blueprint Reading. Showing you guys everything you need to know along the way.

In addition to providing access to classes and instructional videos the Internet also offers a number of Web sites with information on reading blueprints. From idea to drawing to factory mill or construction firm a technical drawing describes shape dimensions materials construction and overall look of the object being created. Discusses reading blueprints outlining machine parts and machine drawings.

Technical drawings are used to visualize just about anything that is manufactured built or assembled. This blueprint reading course will give you a snapshot of the various types of blueprints used across the different trades.

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